Character Generation

Following the guidelines mentioned under Character Concepts, further note the following:

Points Budget
Contrary to the usual “people start out with equal points”-approach, consider using a randomized points budget. The suggestion is to use a 2d+3 x 10 CP, for a budget of 50-150 points. Otherwise, use the mean, 100 points, as the points budget. -50 points of disadvantages is allowed in all cases.

Other considerations
Generally, all Realistic switches are on, exept for, well, the Zombie part ;-).

Society as a whole will collapse, so social advantages wil carry little meaning. They won’t be totally irrelevant, however. Generally, price such things at 1/5th the usual cost.

Wealth is real, though. It will represent what you have access to, as pr. the “Living in your Backpack” principle. TL will remain 8 for this purpose.

GURPS High Tech is your oyster.

Character Generation

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